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"Para algumas pessoas eu não mostro nem metade do que realmente sou. Não por medo, mas por não valer a pena mesmo" - William Shakespeare
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Drinking is bad, feelings are worse - Nick Barclay

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Favourite character of the day-
忙 máng.

So this character means to be busy. And what a better way to express that than being so busy your heart dies. This is one of the easier ones for me to remember as long as you remember the radicals. Something I suggest any newbies learn early on.

So what are the radicals?

We have 亡-wáng
which kind of looks like a coffin and

xīn is nice and simple. This is the left had standing variant. Usually xīn looks like this—->心
which is much more heart like.

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1982 Vol. 70, No. 3

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My Best Love Quotes #NewPost [14]

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Darkness on the edge of town, Yusuke Fukushima

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Ancient astronauts, Derek Henderson

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Eyes without a face

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Down in front, Eric White

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Daily meditation, Dave Whyte

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